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How Do I Shave My Legs, Arms & Pubic Hairs?

How Do You Shave As a Teenager?

Every girl wonders when they’ll be allowed to shave. Whether, they like the long blonde hairs or dark brown hairs on their arms and legs, many still wonder what it would be like to be clean and hairless.

I will always encourage waxing all hairy areas regardless of sensitivity. I also encourage you when it’s affordable to get waxed and watch the esthetician as she waxes you, so you can do it at home on your own. All the supplies you need are sold on Ebay.

NEVER shave your face. If you shave your face, you risk it growing back thicker, darker, and rougher and can't be reversed. You must wax or see an esthetician to have this treated.

What Do I Need To Shave My Legs?

1) You will need to purchase supplies to shave various parts of your body.

a) Gillette Daisy Disposable Razors are great razors, but they come in 4 different styles. Each style has something different about it (i.e. White Strip, Wide head, Flexible Head, Basic) or you can purchase a razor with disposable razor heads and again you’ll have to try them out.

b) A Styptic Pencil stops minor cuts, scrapes, or slices. You dip the tip and apply to sore. Dab with tissue. It also comes in a powder available at any pet store in the nail cutting isle.

c) Shaving Cream for Legs or Gel is needed to prevent red bumps, red dots, itchy, and either a dry itchy rash or a raised crunchy rash on your legs after shaving. Do not use soap as it dries out your skin and causes it to become a dry itch regardless if it says its a moisturizing soap.

d) A Moisturizing Lotion or Oil is the best treatment 30 minutes after your bath; however, if you are using Baby Oil or any other type of oil, then you can work it in right out of the tub. Oil of Olay has a firming cream that smells nice and moisturizes beautifully.

e) If you are considering shaving your pubic hair, I suggest you purchase yourself a hair trimmer or clippers (approximately $29.99 - $199.99). It trims the pubic hair down to 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch long; it looks and feels great and there is limited itchiness.

Why Do I Need To Soak In The Tub?

2) Always soak in the bathtub for 10 minutes before considering shaving making sure to submerge your legs in the water. If you don’t have a bathtub, drape hot hand towels over the half of the leg you want to shave and wait 5 minutes before the towels cool down. Be sure to submerge the area being shaved next for 5 minutes to open the pores. This applies to the upper legs, underarms, arms, and pubic area.

a) Put your leg or arm up on the ledge or rim on the bathtub. Apply the shaving gel in a line up or down the leg or arm. Work the shaving gel into foam by rubbing it all over your leg or arm to cover the entire ½ of your leg or arm.

b) Start at the bottom of the leg (ankle) or arm (wrist). Be extremely careful shaving the side of your legs or arms for tendons, shins, moles, skin tags, elbows and knees. Do not apply pressure to the razor and gently go over these areas with extreme caution or you can end up with a 3 ½ inch slice or amputating moles and tags.

c) If you have very faint hair on your thighs and upper arms, you can leave them as is, but if you prefer the entire leg or arm to be cleansed of hair, then apply the shaving gel in a line down the thigh or arm and repeat shaving the other ½ of your leg or arm.

d) If you are one of the fortunate and have hair on your toes and top of your foot, you can apply the shaving lotion with extreme caution and shave over these areas. You can also shave the tops of your hands if you like how it looks.

f) On the sides of the legs you can feel the direction of the hairs to shave downward over the areas including the knee. On the top of the lower arm, shave sideways towards your inner body until the entire lower arm is done, then go over the arm starting at the wrist to your elbow.

g) The pubic area is absolutely beautiful when waxed Brazilian (hairless) style. If you want to shave this area, be sure to soak it in hot water for at least 5 minutes and add the shaving cream making it quite foamy and then shave downward to prevent open cuts from shaving upward; don’t make the mistake of trying it to feel like a baby’s bottom by pressing hard and shaving upward, or you’ll suffer with razor burn, itchiness, and pain. In this event you can use witch hazel to soothe the pain of shaving. You’ll have to prop your bottom upward on the ledge to shave the underside by the anus. Shave towards your tummy gently so that you don’t catch the anus, perineum, and/or vagina.

How Many Times Can I Reuse My Razor?

3) If you used your razor for just your legs and arms, you can keep the razor for light touch ups during the week; however, if you used the razor to do your entire body starting with your legs, underarms, arms, & pubic area, you need to throw the disposable razor away or change the razor head. A warm, moist environment like the bathroom is a feeding ground for bacteria to grow and be transferred into the pores of your skin and cause a staphylococcus infection.

a) Rub in Baby Oil or an Oil of your choice right from getting out of the bath tub. You can do the entire areas that were shaved.

b) Do not rub Moisturizer in your skin until at least 30-60 minutes after your bath. Do not use moisturizer on your pubic area as it’ll sting. Soak cotton balls in witch hazel and apply as a compress if you find it stinging.

How Can I Manage It's Cost?

4) It’s important to watch for coupons and samples for all the different razors available out there, so you can find the right razor for you. You can find numerous samples of different products in the newspaper, large box stores, and mail. You can also visit the brand name websites to see if they have any special offers or coupons.

How to Shave Your Legs Video?

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You Can Have A Boil On Your Labia?

What Is This Bump On My Labia?

Sometimes when our hormones get imbalanced we develop sores called boils on your labia, vulva vagina and external tissues surrounding the vagina. It can show up as a hard bump or a painful nodule.

What Does A Boil Look Like?

A boil looks similar to an abscessed pimple. It is bigger, harder, and redder than a pimple and it has a big white center. Inside the center of the boil is a sac filled with pus.

Can't I Just Leave It Alone?

It's vital that you treat the boil as soon as it's discovered. The boil is filled with a large amount of bacteria that may leak out and spread causing several boils to take up residency where ever the bacteria or boils touch. If untreated, it can lead to a serious fever and infection requiring antibiotics.

How Do I Know The Boil Can Be Treated?

An abscessed boil has a pointed white tip to it and a very inflamed nodule. The pain experienced by a boil is the pressure of the pus coming to a head. In order to alleviate the pressure pain, you need to open up the boil with a sterilized needle or hot paper clip.

What Do I Do If It Hasn't Abscesseed?

If the boil is red, very painful, and there's no white/yellow tip, then it hasn't abscessed and is more difficult to treat. The boil requires you to apply a hot compresses to it to bring it to a head.

A hot teabag is a perfect size and works well as a compress. Be careful not to burn yourself. It should be hot to touch and hold, but not burn. Dip the bag in the hot water mug, squeeze the liquid, press and hold it against the boil. Do this for 10 minutes unless you see a white/yellow head form.

Are Boils Contagious?

Once again, it is vital when treating the boil that you do not let the pus touch any part of your vagina, clitoris, vulva, labia, or perineum. The contagious bacteria can multiphy the boils or start a whole new infection.

What Do I Do To Treat A Boil?

First, you may find the most comfortable place to be inside the bath tub or lying on the bathroom floor. Make sure you've washed your hands or are wearing sterile gloves. Now apply the compress if this step is needed.

Second, place pieces of tissue, paper towel or guaze tucked in the lips to catch the pus drainage. Try and protect the openings on the clitoris, vagina, and anus. You may want to use sterile first aid tape.

Third, light a candle and have it near by, but not anywhere near your hair on your head. Take either a sterile hypodermic needle, sewing needle or paperclip uncoiled. Place the tip over the flame to get it red hot...a few seconds and then touch the very tip on the head of the boil.

Gently wipe away the pus. Clean the area with warm water mixed with epson salts. Make sure if you used a face cloth that it goes into the wash immediately or it could spread the bacteria.

How Do I Prevent Boils From Showing Up Again?

Wear cotton underwear of breathable material.

Keep your genital area dry and free of extra moisture in the evening.

Avoid any scented feminine hygiene products.

Avoid douching with any product. In the event, that you absolutely have to douche, use a dilution of vinegar and water under these guidelines ~ 4 Tbsp vinegar and 2 Cups water. If you do not have an old douche bottle, you can use a turkey baster from the 'Dollar Store.'

Avoid long baths and consider showering. If you need to soak in the tub then follow these guidelines to add 1/2 cup salt or epsom salts to match the body's natural saline state and then add 1/2 cup of vinegar to help rebalance the vaginal pH to 4.5, as well as, an astringent to keep it bacteria free.

Regularly consume foods high in acidophiles like yogurt, which can help restore the natural flora of the vagina and help treat and prevent yeast infections.

Reduce the amount of sugar consumption.

What Causes Boils In The Labia?

The most reoccuring cause for a boil is an ingrown hair or plugged sweat gland that becomes infected.

Any irritation can progress into rupturing the skin or a small cut/scrape, opening up the skin and abscessing into a bacterial infection.

Any foreign substance to the vaginal area that gets lodged into the skin like a wooden splinter, then becomes infected and starts the process for a boil.

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How Teenager's Can Lose Weight & Still Eat

Yes, it's possible to lose weight as a teenager, but you have to eat to lose weight or your body holds onto all its fat because it thinks you are starving it.

What Should I Start To Do First?

Have you ever thought about getting a binder (notebook) you can decorate and fill it with page dividers? 1) Magazine Pages from Fitness Magazines 2) Good Recipes 3) Upper Body Exercises 4) Lower Body Exercises 5) Charts 6)News Clippings, Emails, Web Pages, Fitness Magazine Exercises, etc., and decorate it up.


How Much Water Do I Need To Drink Each Day?

On a better note, here's something to follow that keeps you eating healthy while dropping unnecessary fat. There is a formula to follow for how much water to drink for your current weight:

Your Weight Times (.5) Equals Divided By 8oz (or 1 Cup) Equals # Cups of Water/Day

• 100lbs x .5 = 50/8 =6 Cups of Water/day
• 120lbs x .5 = 60/8 = 7 Cups of Water/day
• 135lbs x .5 = 67.5/8 = 8 Cups of Water/day
• 150lbs x .5 = 75/8 = 9 Cups of Water/day
• 175lbs x .5 = /8 = 11 Cups of Water/day
• 200lbs x .5 = 100/8 = 12.5 Cups Water/day

Why Do I Need To Drink Water To Lose Weight?

Water is essential for overall health, not to mention, its natural appetite suppressant.Water also plays an important role as in metabolizing food and helps you to burn more calories than if you didn't drink water.


It's also is important to know that you can die from an overdose of water. Water is extremely dangerous when you are only drinking water instead of eating and drinking in moderation.

Hyponatremia is the result of too much water in your system to cause an imbalance in your electrolytes which in turn would result in excessive swelling of the heart, lungs, and brain.


The most dangerous consumption of water is done when the person tries to drink their daily limits of water all in one sitting. Water must be spread out throughout the day in order for it to circulate throughout your system.

What's the Easiest Substitution To Start?

Let's start with the easiest of substitutions where people will probably not notice that you are making changes to your diet:

Week 1. Stop all soda pop, juice, etc. No slurpees, milkshakes, floats. Drink only water or crystal lite as a substitute for pop, juice, slurpees, frappaccinos, frozen mocha drinks, etc.

Do not use hot chocolate, tea or coffee as a substitute for water as the chemicals used to flavor these drinks take all the good qualities out of the water and leave empty calories and dehydration.

The reason you are substituting the water in place of the other drinks, is to help you to regain your own self control. In approximately 3 months, you'll be able to reinstate some of them into your diet in moderation and as a treat for yourself in the future.
Do I Need To Go To The Gym?

No, what you need to achieve right now is can be done away from a gym. In order to help get your metabolism up, it's imperative that you get your heart rate up in any way possible. If you are extremely overweight and suffer from sore knees, then you need to get yourself a bathing suit or layered workout wear to use in the swimming pool; if you do not have a public pool and you know someone who has one, then sit down and ask them if they would allow you to borrow time in their pool and schedule a time for 7 days in the week; a low depth river, lake or swimming pond will work in ideal temperatures. Another option would be to use a small indoor trampoline to do 'rebounding'. This will also up your metabolism.

Walk once around the block or swim one lap each day to raise metabolism (5 days unless you enjoy 7 days) If your block is more than a mile long then only walk half or substitute with another activity equivalent. If you have a hill or hiking trail, then try to motivate yourself to do it once a week the first month. *Do not exceed 2 hours in the beginning.

What's the Next Substitution In The Beginning?

This is one of the most difficult substitution or limitation for many teens who have gotten into the habit of sitting down and snacking.

Week 2. Stop all breads, buns, cakes, muffins, etc.. No Chips, Nachos, Cookies, Cheezies, Snack Chips of any sort, Wheat Thins, Rice Cakes, Triscuits, Tea Biscuits, English Muffins, Foccascia, etc.

Many teens fill their emptiness with sweet bread-like products which includes peanut butter and honey or jam toast when others will reach for saltier snacks which includes pretzels.

It's difficult to break the habit of snacking at the movies, watching home Dvd's, sports games and their finals, as well as, baby showers and parties. Eat ahead of the event so that you feel full.

Drink more water while everyone else is eating. Chew a piece of mint gum to alter the taste if you need extra motivation.

The fast food outlets are a great treat once a month or once on a weekend every once in awhile, but to have everyday or every other day because of the convenience is very detrimental to your weightloss and health.
How Do I Prevent Cravings In Groups?

I would prefer that you do what ever you can do to avoid Arby's, Burger King, Jack-In-The Box, KFC, MacDonalds, Pizza Outlets, Sonic's, Taco Bell, Wendy's, etc.

It's not that these outlets do not have healthy choices within the restaurants, it's that you will have to establish an 'all or nothing' attitude in the beginning 3 months in order for change to take place.

It's much too tempting and who wants to be snacking on a salad, veggie burger, or wrap with water when your friends have sauces dribbling down their lips, slurping their pop and "mmhmmhmmming" in delicious pleasure; but in the worst case scenario and you need to have something, cut your order in half and share or save for later.

Try to limit yourself to only one piece of a bun or one piece of bread, french toast, plate size pancakes, etc. You can enjoy a hamburger without a bun.

Walk twice around the block or swim two laps each day to raise metabolism (5 days unless you enjoy 7 days). It should be getting easier for you to walk a little longer and a little bit further. The same goes for any exercise in the pool. Try to extend your exercises to make them longer or challenge yourself to join an aquacise class or an aquatic running class (done in the deep end with a flotation belt).

What's the Next Substitution After Colas & Breads?

This is one of the exciting steps in the journey to weightloss or a healthier lifestyle. This can be started immediately in Week 1 if you would like to start it right away. I just thought you may want things spread out a bit to give you some time to adjust and say good-bye to your favorite foods, snacks, and habits.

Week 3. Prepare a menu for your day. You are going to plan for 6 meals. I find the best way to monitor your daily needs is to follow the breakfast snack lunch snack dinner no snack (7:30am-9:30am-11:30am-1:30pm-3:30pm-5:30pm). You can change the times to suit your schedule each day, but try not to exceed 7pm for your last meal.

It'll seem like you are eating more than other people, but the great thing, if it's all healthy, your metabolism will burn it all off because it's spaced out. People don't understand that more food at little bits will cause you to lose weight if you have fat reserves or gain some weight back if you are underweight.

What Does A Sample Menu Look Like?

Here is a sample menu for your to manipulate. Do not follow this piece for piece. Choose foods you are more familiar with and don't compromise your substitutions.





Why Is A Probiotic Yogurt So Important?

Probiotic Yogurt is really important in teenagers because it's a special type of bacteria that balances immune system, reduce cholesterol levels, treat intestinal disorders, protect against allergens, prevent some cancers, lower blood pressure, even ward off tooth decay and some infections.

Girls who are more prevalent to candida and yeast infections, these yogurts can be the first step in preventing the reoccurrence of these infections.

I started out getting a tub (approximately 2 cup) of Activa yogurt (you pick flavour) first. I bought Ziploc or Glad reusable cups (smallest); it only holds approximately 4 Tablespoons or half a cup. I would fill up the individual cups, so they were easy to grab and already measured out for me.

It was easy to eat 3-4 containers of yogurt each day and it helped sustain a portion of my daily protein intake. It's also the most tolerable. This yogurt is absolutely necessary if you want to see results. There are several other yogurts with similar nutrients that aid in digestion: Active, Danone Biologics, Yoplait Plus, & FibreOne.

I have it at every meal and it's the perfect substitute for craving ice cream because it has a function in the body; it doesn't put on weight and ***regulates your bowel*** to act on its own rather than depending on a laxative. You can also add granola & dried fruits for additional substance.

So, I know I have a portion of protein and calcium coming in. You have to trick your mind to get away from thinking about size. It's not the same as eating a tub of yogurt in one sitting because the body has to try and digest 2 cups of yogurt, however, a little bit throughout the day balance out its use and uses it up for much needed energy.

You don't need to share this with your parents if you find them unsupportive; however, if they will be buying the groceries, you'll have to give your mom a grocery list every 3 days (1 Tub Yogurt /day) and explain why you are now eating so much yogurt.

It's important, however, to ensure that your parents don't think you have an eating disorder and that they witness you eating, snacking and making better choices at the dinner table. It can be difficult if Mom and Dad aren't supportive and continue to make heavy dinners. Make the best of it and when in doubt, the largest portion of your meal should not exceed the size of your fist.

You now want to try and maintain at least 45 minutes of cardio if your weight is higher (150lbs+), you will require longer bouts of cardio. You shouldn't need to continue upping your cardio because no one has that much time when they are in school, extra curricular activities, etc.

If there any way that you could meet with a nutritionist either the gym, then they can help you set up a menu for the week, but I'll give you a link for a chart website so you can find the charts you want to use and print them off. Also, if your parents agree, then the trainer can set you up on a program to keep your metabolism moving, tone up arms/legs, introduce you to a new environment.

♥ http://www.chartjungle.com/weight-loss.html


Your Schedule Doesn't Work For Me?

You need to play with your food, water, and snacks to fit it into your schedule. Some snacks may overlap with lunch or you’ll find yourself eating on the move. Try not to skip it, because your body is depending on it.

Try not to eat after 6pm or if you must eat, try yogurt, almonds (12 max) or grilled chicken fillets (slices). I always keep grilled chicken in the fridge and grab as needed. (Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Chicken Breast Fillets or Sliced Grilled in Oven at 350’ for approximately 45 minutes.)

:*¨¨*:.***:*¨¨*:.STAY AWAY FROM ICE:*¨¨*:

*¨¨*:CREAM & COOKIE DOUGH:*¨¨*:.***:*¨¨*:.

What Will Help Me To Stay On Track?

I do not want you to get into any habits of stepping on the scale everyday or several times a day. Once a month is the goal for the scale and no more.

As a teenager your hormones are imbalanced and fluctuating all the time. So, some days you'll have more water retention than the day before but that's no cause for alarm ~ it's normal.

In the beginning, you can weigh yourself in the morning and record it, as well as in the evening. You can also take measurements around the biggest part of your arm, leg, bum, chest, waistline and stomach and record the numbers to compare to next months.

The body mass index is important in determining whether or not you are at a safe weight for your height and weight or if you are extremely underweight causing heart damage or extremely overweight causing heart disease, diabetes, and several other ailments.

Under Weight = Any number under <18.5.>

Average Weight = Any number between 18.5-24.9.

Over Weight = Any number betwen 25-29.9

Obesity = Any number over 30 is obesity.

If you find yourself under or less than 18 on the BM Index or if you find yourself over 27 on the BM Index, you should discuss these results with your family doctor. These can greatly affect your natural growth.

If you not carry enough fat cells, then you will not be able to sustain the hormones you need to grow up healthy and sustain your period, your voice changes, your hair growth in the proper places, etc..

It's best to try and reduce your substitutions by the week 1, week 2, and week 3, so that you don't revert back to old habits.

If you make some slips which usually happens to everyone trying to make a change, I want you to remember that if you consume 1 Tsp of sugar you will crave 2 Tsp next time and it continually increases making your cravings out of control.

If you follow the six mini meals each day, you will definitely feel a change in your system within a very short period of days. If you were used to sugar crashes or lightheadedness, this should stop with the consistent use of yogurt. It balances out your sugar and reduces your cravings.

Do I Have An Eating Disorder?

It's really important in your teen years to be as healthy as you can be in all your stages of growth.

In order for this to be accomplished, you must take in the foods with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

You need to read up on lifeskills to help you cope in the many new experiences ahead of you. Anger Management, Assertiveness, Boundaries, Communication Skills, Change, Conflict Resolution, Self Worth, etc. Once you understand these concepts and how they can really move you forward, you will be amazed and proud of yourself.

Please follow the link below to "Somethings Fishy" website and do the questionnaire and print off the results. If it recommends you to see your doctor, then please take the questionnaire in with you.


We all make mistakes whether we admit it or not. Do not beat yourself up about it if this comes back that you may have a eating disorder. Be gentle with yourself and follow the advice to seek out help to get ontop of it now rather than later.

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Why Am I So Itchy? What's Wrong With Me?

Most girls will experience vaginal itchiness at some point in their lives, but mostly when the hormones are trying to balance out and/or pregnancy. It is vital that you know exactly what is causing this itchiness as several diseases can cause scar damage to your fallopian tubes.

The Most Common Cause For Vaginal Itch

One of the most common causes for your vaginal area to be itchy, is a yeast infection. A yeast infection occurs when your hormones are imbalanced and sorting themselves out, douching, warm & moist climate in underwear, non-breathable underwear, antibiotics and/or medical treatments (chemo), the birth control pill, any scented toiletry products (toilet paper, pantie liners, tampons, & wipes) and several other reasons. A yeast infection will not affect the cycle of your period.

What's The Worst Thing To Treat A Yeast Infection?

The most common mistake made with a yeast infection is when you wash your vaginal area with soap and/or soapy washcloth. The ingredients in soap are loved by yeast and your infection will double. Each day as you continue to wash with soap, will set you back and increasingly get worse and worse.

Don't be alarmed, but yeast infections can eventually open up from scratching and bleed. Depending on how much you itch and how much soap you've used, an odor can develop and discharge can change to a cottage cheese texture.

Water is the absolute best thing for your vaginal health. If you really feel you need something to rinse your vaginal area with then please use a dilution of 4 Tbsp vinegar and 2 Cups water (douche).

What Are The Symptoms Of A Vaginal Yeast Infection ?

The symptoms for a yeast infection will vary from person to person. The vaginal area will become inflamed, red, itchiness inside the vagina and on the outer labia spreading to the clitoris.

♥ You may experience a stinging sensation when you urine or a burning irritation during sexual intercourse. Some may have a different kind of discharge that is clumpy, thick, and cottage cheese like resemblance or thin & yellowing . There isn't usually an odor associated with a yeast infection unless it has been left too long and is progressively getting worse, but many do claim to smell a "beer-like" smell.

How Do I Treat A Yeast If I am Not Pregnant?

If you are familiar with yeast infections, then you probably already have MONISTAT on hand or a similar anti fungal creme in your cupboard. If you are new to this and it's your first time treating a yeast infection, you may feel quite overwhelmed at all the different choices available for treatments. I've listed most of the widely used products so you have an idea of what to look for at the drugstore

It's important to learn the chemical ingredient in each of the different treatments so you know whether or not it worked and if you need to see your doctor for a persistent yeast infection, you want to make sure he doesn't prescribe you the type you've already tried

Monistat offers a variety of packages to treat your yeast infection. You'll need to try them out before you'll really know which one you prefer. There is a tube of creme, Pre-Filled Applicators, Disposable Applicators, Ovules and Wipes.


♥ 1-Day Ovule Combo Pack includes 1 Ovule, External Creme, & 6 Cooling Wipes
♥ 1-Day Ovule Combo includes 1 Ovule & 1 Disposable Applicator
♥ 3 Combo Pack Ovules includes 3 Ovules, External Creme, & Cooling Wipes
♥ 3 Day Combo Pack includes 3 x 5g Pre-Filled Applicators.
♥ 3 day Ovule Combo Pack includes 3 Ovules & External Creme
Monistat 7 dual Pack 7 Vaginal Suppositories and External Cream
Monistat 7 Day Cream includes 7 x 5g Pre-Filled Applicators
Monistat Derm External Vaginal Cream includes One 15g Tube


♥ 1-Day Combo Pack includes External Creme & 1 Comfort Tablet
♥ 1-Day Combo Pack includes External Creme & 1 prefilled applicator.
♥ 1-Day Cream External Cream 5g.
♥ 3-Day Combo Pack includes a lower dose External Creme & 3 Comfort Tablets
♥ 3-Day Creme includes a lower dose of Pre-Filled Applicators 25g
♥ 6-Day Creme includes the Lowest Concentration
♥ Individual Tube of Canestan for External Use

There isn't a main website for the Clotrimaderm, Gyne-Lotrim , & Miconazole. You may find this in the generic form at different stores offering their store brand creams (ie. Target, Walgreens, CVS, Pharmasave, Walmart, Safeway, etc.).

Miconazole-7 Day Vaginal Suppositories 100 mg.
Miconazole-7 Vaginal Cream With 2% 45g.
Miconazole 7 Day Treatment Vaginal Crem With Applicator 45g.
Miconazole-7 Vaginal Cream with Reusable Applicator 1.59oz.
Miconazole 7 Vaginal Cream with Disposable Applicator 1.59oz.
Miconazole-3 Day Vaginal Cream with Disposable Applicator 0.32oz.
Miconazole-3 Vaginal Suppositories & Vaginal Anti Fungal Cream Combo Pack.

Gyne-Lotrim 3 Vaginal Cream is a 3 Day Treatment with External Cream.
Gyne-Lotrim 3 Day Cream with 3 Disposable Pre-Filled Applicators.
Gyne-Lotrim 7 Day Cream is a 7 Day Treatment with External Cream.

Clotrimazole Vaginal 1% Cream 45g.
Clotrimazole 1 % Vaginal Cream 7 Days with Applicator.

Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream with Applicator.
Clotrimaderm 1% Vaginal Cream with Applicator 50g.
Clotrimaderm 2% Vaginal Cream with Applicator2% 25g.

How Do I Treat A Yeast Infection If I am Pregnant?

If you are familiar with yeast infections, then you probably know the difference between a yeast infection and other bacterial infections; however, there are many other infections that can mimic a yeast infection during pregnancy.

It's vital to know exactly what you are treating before using any medications regardless if it is an external cream. You must be checked out by a physician and he will either prescribe a prescription for you or tell you to pick one of the above mentioned creams.

How Do I Prevent A Yeast Infection?

There are some steps you can take to help prevent recurring yeast infections. These include:

Wear breathable fabrics including cotton underwear.
Soak your underwear in boiling water during a flare up of yeast or put a hot iron on the cotton patch area wear your labia touches.

Don't waste your time microwaving your underwear.

Keep your genital area dry and free of extra moisture in the evening.

Wear Swimsuits for swimming only and not for extended periods of time.

Avoid any scented feminine hygiene products.

Avoid douching with any product. In the event, that you absolutely have to douche, use a dilution of vinegar and water under these guidelines ~ 4 Tbsp vinegar and 2 Cups water. If you do not have an old douche bottle, you can use a turkey baster from the 'Dollar Store.'

Avoid long baths and consider showering during flare ups of yeast. If you need to soak in the tub then follow these guidelines to add 1/2 cup salt or epsom salts to match the body's natural saline state and then add 1/2 cup of vinegar to help rebalance the vaginal pH to 4.5.

Regularly consume foods high in acidophiles like yogurt, which can help restore the natural flora of the vagina and help treat and prevent yeast infections.

Regularly add a pro biotic feminine supplement that blocks and reduces yeast and/or bacteria and restores a healthy vaginal flora (ie. Rep Hresh Pro-B helps during the use of antibiotics).

Use a Pro biotic Feminine Supplements that blocks and reduces yeast and bacteria and helps restore and maintain healthy vaginal flora. RepHresh Pro-B also augments the use of antibiotics.


Can I Have Sexual Intercourse/Relations With A Yeast Infection?

It is best that you do not engage in sexual relations of any sort until the yeast infection is cleared up to contain the infection and not spread it to other areas.

There is a possibility of passing the yeast infection (candida) to your partner who then in return gives it back to you. It can take months to get ontop of the infection and clear up the candida in both partners.

The vaginal area is inflamed and itchy. Sexual intercourse will not only burn and sting, but there could be small tears from the weakening of the inflamed area. It wouldn't be much fun for you and if he contracts the candida, then it won't be much fun for him either.

What Do I Need to Remember?

All the information listed here is written for your information only by a single mother.

It is your responsibility to check with a general physician about your symptoms and follow their medical advice.

Please do not diagnose your own yeast infections if you have never had one before or if you are sexually active .

There are several Sexually Transmitted Diseases that mimic the symptoms but a physician can swab for all the diseases on one visit.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

When Will My Period Start & So Much More?

What Should I Expect For My Period?

Almost every girl and every mother wonders when this event will take place. Some teenagers/preteens may find it to be an exciting, frightening, intriguing, and/or a drudging time.

A period can look like many things to many different people. It can show up as one red dot, a long stringy cord of blood, mixed with creamy white discharge and swirls of different colored cords, a blob (clot) that can be the size of a pea and big as kiwi (fruit).

The colors can very from very bright red which is fresh shedding from your uterus filled with blood and tissue, as the days progress the color can or will start to turn darker & darker, burgundy, brown, and then even black. As blood & scent ages, the color gets darker and the scent can be no scent, a faint odour, to a much more intense & noticeable sour smell.

The period itself can last a few hours up to 7-10 days. Everyone is different and will have their own routine and schedule. Along with the period, is uterine contractions, cramps. They can be mildly unnoticeable to bedridden discomfort.

How Can I Prepare For My Period To Come?

First, order your first period kit from Kotex at the following link:



Then you want to print off a blank calendar for the next few months. You can decorate the calendar so it's not so boring or so it blends into your room, binder, or notebook.
2009 Calendar PDF Style 1

What Do I Record on the Calendar?

You will want to create a legend of symbols to represent various symptoms that will arise as your body matures and prepares for your period. I usually use colors and three simple symbols ~ circle, square, and triangle.

What Changes Should I Expect?

Emotions ~ Anger, Bawling, Irritable, Mellow, Rage, Sadness, Screaming, Weepy

Physical ~ Larger, Heavier, Taller, Hair Growth in Underarms & Pubic Area, Abdominal & Intestinal Cramps, White Creamy Discharge, Spotting, Mixed Discharge with White/Red Cords/Stringy, Tender Breasts (hurt, irritated, or itchy), Uterine Discharge for Monthly Cycle.

Psychological ~ Self Image, Relationships With Others, Moods, Sexuality and Future Outlook both Emotional & Relational

Each time my daughter had an emotional outburst we recorded a coloured circle on the calendar. These feelings included anger, rage, & screaming as a red circle, bawling, crying, tearing, & weeping as a blue circle, and impatientience, irritability, sarcastic & disagree ability as a green circle. They are all symptoms of your hormones and will affect all your relationships and social groups.

Each time my daughter needed to use a pantie liner on her underwear for discharge, we used coloured triangle on the calendar. Your vagina will start to discharge a milky, white, & sticky substance as discharge. You can record this as a blue triangle. This is your body’s natural cleansing system which also controls odor.

As your body continues maturing and even more changes are recorded then you may begin to experience some mild abdominal cramping as the muscles in the uterus practice for your period. You can use a 'red square' for menstrual cramping.

Intestinal cramps can occur a week before your period, a few days before and during your period. Several girls will be able to gage their period by when their bodies completely eliminate their bowels through a regular void or diarrhea. You can record the intestinal cramps with an orange square. Not everyone will experience a change in their bowel function, but some others will.

Tender Breasts are probably the first symptom, you'll experience. They can become quite sensitive in different clothes, athletic outfit, & swimming suits. Even just trying to get to sleep can be bothersome. Each breast will develop on their own so don't be surprised if one side is bigger than the other or more developed than the other. As adults, it's completely normal to have one breast larger than the other regardless what the other girls' says.

When Can I Officially Say I've Started My Period?

If you experience any creamy white spotting, mixed with pink, red, brown, burgundy, &/or black with blobs, cords & strings, you can record this with an black triangle. I would consider this your first period, but many would call it just discharge.

The period can vary in size, shape and form. You could have a drop off blood on a pantie liner, full of mixed discharge, or dark colored strings of it. The first time your period comes, you many not even be aware of it. It may not be on your underwear but as you wipe yourself from going to the bathroom. You will notice it on the toilet paper or lines and particles floating in the toilet.

Finally, when your body has fully matured and your eggs are ready to be released, you'll experience uterine discharge as your period for one monthly cycle. This will need more than a pantie liner to contain and to keep from staining your underwear and pants. You may require several changes throughout the day with maxi/mini pads or tampons. This can be recorded with a red triangle.

Each person will develop their own personal symptoms: rage, depression, negative, bloating (retaining water), voiding diarrhea day before, headaches, achy back, achy body, sibling rage, sweating, anxiety, fatigue, cold sweats, fainting, sadness, cramps, nausea, etc. These can also be a symptoms to record under a symbol that personal to you.

When you first start out with your menstrual cycle, don't be alarmed for the first couple years if your period is completely irregular, missing, or incredibly heavy. It'll take awhile for your body to completely balance out the hormonal changes taking place.

What Products Should I Use?

There's nothing more overwhelming than standing in front of the Feminine Hygiene Products isl. It's good to stand there and really take a look at the products and all the differences in these products for future use. It's best to kick the giggles and embarrassment right away because it's just like buying Kleenex and you don't want to pick up the wrong thing or you'll be caught off guard.

Each company, I apologize for not listing them all, pretty much has a website set up especially for teens, adults, etc. and I'll provide their links for you to check out on your own or with your girlfriends.

http://girlspace.kotex.com/index.jspa by Kotex

http://www.beinggirl.com/en_US/home.jsp by Always

http://www.tampax.com/home.php by Tampax

http://www.softcup.com/ by Soft Cup

http://www.seventeen.com by Seventeen Magazine

http://www.menstruation-info.com/ About Menstruation

How Do I Insert A Tampon?

I do not recommend tampons for teenagers because there is a medical risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome. TSS happens when the natural bacteria within the vagina is triggered by the high absorbancy tampon, but they're still not sure why? You should not ever sleep with a tampon inside the vagina and switch to pads during the nighttime to be safe.


Each different type of tampon has a different way of preparing it from the wrapper and in the way it gets inserted into the vagina.

Most directions will say that teenagers will find bending their knees and squatting as the easiest position to insert the tampon, however, if you place one foot up on the toilet and then squat there is more of an opening space for you to insert the tampon.

It can be a good idea to have Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) handy to dip the tip of the tampon in and up the sides. This provides a little bit of lubrication allowing the tampon to slip in much easier.

Make sure it is completely in before you pull the plunger part out. If it's not all the way in, you will feel like it's sticking out or a pinching pain where your vagina, tampon and inseam all meet up.




How Do I Insert The Keeper? Instead Soft Cup? Diva Cup?

One of the latest inventions for women is becoming the most raved about product since the tampon. Unlike the tampon, the Soft Cup can hold twice as much as a tampon and doesn't have to be changed until bedtime. The are no leaks, no accidents, and no worries. It can even be worn during intercourse.

This is the ideal product for anyone concerned for the environment as its completely washable and reusable.




What Do I Do About Menstrual Cramps? Pain Control?

You want to discuss with your mom and/or dad about pain control in the event you have cramps. You will want to have either Midol or Pamprin for teens on hand, an auto shut-off electric heating pad, hot water bottle and/or microwavable bean bag for the cramps.

The Allay Patch is the newest in pain control for menstrual cramps. This is a patch that you stick against your abdomen. It is battery operated to release micro chipped pulses throughout. Tiny electrical pulses surge through your pain.

http://allaypatch.com/ For a 30 Day Trial Register On Line

Bedtime can be a blessing or a curse depending on how your body responds to lying down with menstrual cramps. Many find that by taking their choice of pain medication, a heating pad and then hugging a pillow or big stuff animal against their tummy in the fetal position eases the pain. This tends to relieve back pain associated with that time of the month, as well as, the cramps themselves.


Therma care pads can be worn up to 8 hours each day and provide adequate heat to the abdomen. Never sleep with a Thermacare pad on as chemical burns could result. These are great to help you get through the day at school, sports, errands and/or work.


Pamprin is available in All Day, Cramps Maximum Strength, & Multi-Symptom.


Midol is available in Cramps; Body Aches, Extended Relief, Menstrual Complete, & Teen Formula.

It's really important to read each box to see which one covers the majority of your symptoms of discomfort. I find these work the best for multi-symptoms, but everybody is different and will have their own preferred type. You will notice in the medicinal ingredients varying from Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Acetacylic Acid & Methocarbomal (Muscle Relaxant).

Ibuprofen is an non-steroidal anti-inflammatory & pain killer that is widely used for cramps & backache. It comes in a variety of brand names: Advil, Celebrex, Generic Ibuprofen, & Motrin.

Acetaminophen is a painkiller used for headaches and cramps. It comes in a variety of brand names: Anacin, Excedrin, Tylenol, & Vanquish.

Acetacylic Acid is one of the oldest painkiller used for backaches, headaches and cramps. It comes in a variety of brand names: Aspirin, Bufferin, Ecotrin, Halfprin, Robaxacil

It is vital that you learn the 'Chemical Names' for these medications, so that you do not exceed the recommended daily dosages in error by taking one of each brand in the same medicinal family at the same time. It is okay to combine or mix up the pills as long as you stick to the recommended 'daily' dosage for each medicinal family.

It is also important that you take it this medication with food because they are all very hard on your tummy. If you just can't eat anything, then take this with a full glass of milk. Always drink a full glass of fluids when taking medications to help your stomach acid dissolve and absorb the medication quickly into your system

How Will I know When My Next Period Is Due?

Once you establish a routine and you can see that there is approximately 20-30 days in between the episodes. You can count 28 days on the first day you have a period or mixed discharge. This will let you know the approximate time for the next cycle to begin and you won't be caught off guard; although, we all have had several accident stories to share.

Several of the feminine hygiene websites have online calendars for you to plug in the dates and it'll calculate when your next period should be due.


I have included a link to an awesome website for every necessary chart you could possibly need by CHART JUNGLE.



What Do I Always Need To Carry In My Purse?

Always carry pantie liners in your purse to use them for the watery white discharge to prevent an odor and from pinching you. It's best to always be prepared. You should be prepared with a pantie liner, mini pad, & two dosages of your painkiller of choice for back-up. You may also think about having a back-up in your school locker, cheerleader/sports/swimming bag, gym locker, & car.

What Do I Do If I Still Don't Get My Period By 16 Years of Age?

If you haven't received your period by 16 years of age, you should already discussed with him/her about your options to get it started for you. This usually means starting the birth control pill to get your hormones going, balanced, and regular. You may want to talk to your doctor around 14 years of age if you still do not have it.
How Does Weight Affect My Period?

Your weight is vital for your hormones. If you do not maintain the minimum amount of fat in your belly, there is no place for the estrogen to sit and activate. Many girls who starve themselves lose their periods and suffer many other ailments, as well.

If your body mass index is under 17.1, then you are underweight and need to increase your calories and discuss this with a doctor. This link will help you enter your age, weight in pounds and height in inches.


How Do I Stay Pro-Active In My Personal Hygiene?
Lastly, if you don't have a diary, no worries, but think about a work book for yourself ~ a journal. Write down your goals, accomplishments, frustrations, solutions, fears, overcoming obstacles, etc.

Print off articles, letters, websites and add them to a binder with section dividers. You can decorate it up ~ add some bling if you like. Print off photos of your face, your hair, your hands, your feet, your elbows, etc. It's your personal collection.

♥ Check out some teen websites for some interesting articles on topics that interest you and others. http://www.teengrowth.com/index.cfm?action=info&category=body

You may want to put your collection of ideas on a website, blog or youtube. Be creative. There are no boundaries.

If the links don't work by clicking on them and directing you directly to the right page, then copy and paste it into your browser and enter. It will then take you directly there, feel free to print off one copy of the information for yourself and your binder.

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