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You Can Have A Boil On Your Labia?

What Is This Bump On My Labia?

Sometimes when our hormones get imbalanced we develop sores called boils on your labia, vulva vagina and external tissues surrounding the vagina. It can show up as a hard bump or a painful nodule.

What Does A Boil Look Like?

A boil looks similar to an abscessed pimple. It is bigger, harder, and redder than a pimple and it has a big white center. Inside the center of the boil is a sac filled with pus.

Can't I Just Leave It Alone?

It's vital that you treat the boil as soon as it's discovered. The boil is filled with a large amount of bacteria that may leak out and spread causing several boils to take up residency where ever the bacteria or boils touch. If untreated, it can lead to a serious fever and infection requiring antibiotics.

How Do I Know The Boil Can Be Treated?

An abscessed boil has a pointed white tip to it and a very inflamed nodule. The pain experienced by a boil is the pressure of the pus coming to a head. In order to alleviate the pressure pain, you need to open up the boil with a sterilized needle or hot paper clip.

What Do I Do If It Hasn't Abscesseed?

If the boil is red, very painful, and there's no white/yellow tip, then it hasn't abscessed and is more difficult to treat. The boil requires you to apply a hot compresses to it to bring it to a head.

A hot teabag is a perfect size and works well as a compress. Be careful not to burn yourself. It should be hot to touch and hold, but not burn. Dip the bag in the hot water mug, squeeze the liquid, press and hold it against the boil. Do this for 10 minutes unless you see a white/yellow head form.

Are Boils Contagious?

Once again, it is vital when treating the boil that you do not let the pus touch any part of your vagina, clitoris, vulva, labia, or perineum. The contagious bacteria can multiphy the boils or start a whole new infection.

What Do I Do To Treat A Boil?

First, you may find the most comfortable place to be inside the bath tub or lying on the bathroom floor. Make sure you've washed your hands or are wearing sterile gloves. Now apply the compress if this step is needed.

Second, place pieces of tissue, paper towel or guaze tucked in the lips to catch the pus drainage. Try and protect the openings on the clitoris, vagina, and anus. You may want to use sterile first aid tape.

Third, light a candle and have it near by, but not anywhere near your hair on your head. Take either a sterile hypodermic needle, sewing needle or paperclip uncoiled. Place the tip over the flame to get it red hot...a few seconds and then touch the very tip on the head of the boil.

Gently wipe away the pus. Clean the area with warm water mixed with epson salts. Make sure if you used a face cloth that it goes into the wash immediately or it could spread the bacteria.

How Do I Prevent Boils From Showing Up Again?

Wear cotton underwear of breathable material.

Keep your genital area dry and free of extra moisture in the evening.

Avoid any scented feminine hygiene products.

Avoid douching with any product. In the event, that you absolutely have to douche, use a dilution of vinegar and water under these guidelines ~ 4 Tbsp vinegar and 2 Cups water. If you do not have an old douche bottle, you can use a turkey baster from the 'Dollar Store.'

Avoid long baths and consider showering. If you need to soak in the tub then follow these guidelines to add 1/2 cup salt or epsom salts to match the body's natural saline state and then add 1/2 cup of vinegar to help rebalance the vaginal pH to 4.5, as well as, an astringent to keep it bacteria free.

Regularly consume foods high in acidophiles like yogurt, which can help restore the natural flora of the vagina and help treat and prevent yeast infections.

Reduce the amount of sugar consumption.

What Causes Boils In The Labia?

The most reoccuring cause for a boil is an ingrown hair or plugged sweat gland that becomes infected.

Any irritation can progress into rupturing the skin or a small cut/scrape, opening up the skin and abscessing into a bacterial infection.

Any foreign substance to the vaginal area that gets lodged into the skin like a wooden splinter, then becomes infected and starts the process for a boil.

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